Nîmes, Costières… Sommières and Vaunage

30 - 45 min. by car

Nîmes is the biggest town close to Uzès. Situated 25 km away, it is also the Prefecture of the Department of Gard and the most convenient destination for arriving by train (TGV station) or by plane (Nîmes-Camargue airport with flights from Brussels, London, etc.). Many Roman remains can be seen there, for example in the fountain gardens (Diana’s temple and the Magne Tower), as well as the Maison Carrée and the famous arenas which host bullfights for the Féria de Pentecôte, events dating back to the XIXth century and which have transformed Nîmes into a bullfighting town. There are also several museums, including the Museum of Old Nîmes where you can find out the origins of the fabric used to make jeans: denim. But the highlight of your visit will be Carré d’Art, an extraordinary museum designed by the architect Norman Foster (designer of the Millau Viaduct) which houses several thousand square metres of space dedicated to contemporary art.

Around Nîmes, you can choose to head east towards the Rhône and explore the gorgeous and fertile valley of Costières, with its vineyards and vast expanses of market gardening, or go to Sommières, a magnificent mediaeval town on the Vidourle river.